Be more Madiba

Today is Madiba day! It is the birthday of former South African president, Nelson Mandela. But for us, here in South africa he is Tata ( father). Today we also have the oppertunity to do our 67minutes of good deeds, this year the hashtag is, be more madiba, i remember him like this:

He washed away the pain and anger that apartheid caused and brought forgiveness, acceptance and new hope for all south africans and ofcourse the world. He is still a major icon the world over, the most amazing thing about him, was how he forgave every single person who hated him and then went to visit them one by one, made friends with them and called them everyday. The biggest thing he taught us(or me..) was forgiveness, i will never forget that.

So, with such a huge icon to follow and learn from, i will try to be more like him. Today i will try to forgive someone, I think it’s a pretty important thing. So thank you Tata Madiba for leading us in the right direction, Happy Birthday!



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