No one can really be carefree, but you do have care free rights when you are a teenager, well sometimes.

That is the only thing  i regret, not getting pregnant, not making more friends, but being carefree, being young. i could have enjoyed my life, instead of being worried about my future, i never did stuff teens do. I was a real teenager, don’t get me wrong, i had my punk rock phase as well as the next teen, and pubirty was no joke for me, but i still took life too seriously.

i did go to parties, hung out at clubs, but it grew very boring very fast. By the time i was eighteen i was over it and having a baby had nothing to do with it, i stopped going out long before i fell pregnant. i geuss i was old inside taken i do have an old soul. I got  bored of those things cause it did’nt benefit me. i wouldve loved to blog back then, but i didn’t have the resources.

Being a teen and in school feels like a lifetime ago, wow, 9 years goes by so fast. i think we should be carefree when we have the time and the right to. No matter what anyone says, time is something we don’t have much of. There is nothing worse than wanting to be carefree when you’re old, there is nothing wrong with it, it just sets a wrong example, especialy when you have responsibilities.

So live, live every moment before it’s too late.Placeholder Image


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