what is the point of dying when you don’t know where you are going, what is the point of life if you don’t know what you are living for. Most of us get fifty years in this world, in this life. i could be wrong, but it’s still more than some of us get, so what should we do with our fifty? i don’t think i’ll ever know until i get to fifty. That way we’re lucky, cause we get fifty more and that is when life really begins.

I have many things to live for, i also have many things to die for. I have not yet cracked the meaning of life code, but i wish i would, so i could do things and say things and live. My vision i got earlier this year or it could be a sign, was fifty. i don’t know what it means, maybe i just have to wait until then to find out.

i don’t want to die, but i also don’t feel like living, i geuss it’s a side effect of being unhappy. i geuss everything will be clear, at fifty


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