The Hexad

“Sally, are you there?” Jane walked through the empty house,slowly and carefully, scanning every room. She tried to keep calm, but couldn’t help to worry where she could be. Why would Sally call and say she was at this house, was she alone? No one really knew about this spot exept for them. She heard something fall a it starled her, interupting her train of thought.

She hurried to the front room where the sound was coming from, but didn’t see anything. She searched the room frantically and thought she saw a mouse, but something else cuaght her attention. It had a dull shine and was a little replica of the colosseum with a circle around it, she studied it, it was a plastic type of steal and it had a hole at the top and bottom, could it be a necklace? but why was there two holes? it was an inch bigger than her thumb. She stuffed it in her front jean pocket and decided to search outside for Sally.

She also wanted to get out of the house, it was allowing her daydream and she almost forgot why she was there. The wooden floors creeked as Jane made her way to th back door that leads to the secluded garden. Sally always loved the garden, although it looked more like aforest than anything else, she should’ve gone straight there. “Sally!”Jane called relaxed. “Sally where are you!” no one replied or appeared. Maybe she’s trying to surprise me, Jane thought to herself when she saw a bench that was fixed up.

“Oh well, i’ll just wait then”, Jane said to herself, very relaxed. The house always relaxed her,she sat on the bench and closed her eyes…Placeholder Image


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