Daily Prompt: Generous

via Daily Prompt: Generous

i am busy  reading The great gatsby, although i have watched the movie over and over again, i still craved the literary perspective, and of course it’s my obligation to read it. But having postponed it for years i am finally reading it and i’m obsessed, more so than ever.

The generosity of Mr.Gatsby is profound. Although his intentions was selfish is had merit, he did all those things for love, for daisy. He sacrificed his time, his reputation, his life, just to grab her attention. Mr. Caraway however, was generous with his nobleness, his friendship, his time. True generosity, because he never expected anything back, in a time where morals were money and when you couldn’t do anything ‘just because’.

Mr. Caraway had tought Mr.Gatsby what true generosity was, what true friendship was. And it made Mr. Gatsby generous with information, he learned to trust.


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