Daily Prompt: Value

via Daily Prompt: Value

It’s a hard word, the meaning often gets taken for granted and no one lives by it anymore. I on the other hand value my time, or at least i try to. It gets wasted on adaily basis, but not by myself, by everyone else but myself. So for that reason i’m not going to talk about my time, instead i’ll rant about my other valueables.

I don’t know if i said it before, but I live in the most amazing, nature rich town. Great mountains and culture, friendly people, if you were from italy, you would feel right at home, although i’m not going to compare italy, i can’t. But i love my town, and i value it.5579_bainskloof_pass_01

Andrew bains built this pass and i value his enthusiasm, I also value the prisoners who built it, without them it wouldn’t have been done. They gave their time and it amounted in something amazing.


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