Silent explosion

An overflow of emotions circles like smoke inside me, it doesn’t come out. it’s stuck somewhere between anger and hope, humanity and sanity. I sometimes wonder where my life is headed, in what direction should i be in? I have missed most of my life, the best time in my life, of course it’s not over, but heading towards thirty and realizing my life has been put on hold since i was sixteen really makes me trip

I should be grateful for many things, especially the fact that i’m still alive. I have a lifetime of pain, and confusion, let’s just say ‘life’ has thrown me into a fourty-year-old lifestyle and theres nothing wrong with it, but it makes me miserable and i’m only 26, and after seven years, i think i’m allowed to be. Life is not fair, but life livers ,every life liver has responsibilities and it your reponsibility what you do not only with your life, but also with someone elses.

So for now i won’t have a fit or snap just yet, instead i’ll find a quiet place inside myself, a church if you must, inside myself. I have no other choice but to find my niche, maybe a church.



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