One Two Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

I honestly have no inspiration today, no muse, no motivation. On the other hand i’m trying to be positive, at least i’m writing.

If only there was a tree i could go and pick a thought from, my own thoughts of course, for these days, when i am pityfull and cease to inspire. I wish it existed like the, tree of wisdom, the money tree and the tree of youth. I would plant all of those in my garden, which i don’t have yet. At my house, which i don’t have yet. It will come of course, like my ability to inspire once again, i guess i’m trying to be realistic  as well.

So as i’m counting down the minutes for this day to end( and the school holiday)i’m thinking or in my case i guess dreaming about sitting under a tree, alone, maybe certainly reading a book and i don’t care if it looks crazy or pretentious, i want my niche and i hope theres is enough trees left when that time comes. surely life will reward me one day with peace, Cause theres a fine line between quietness and peace.Placeholder Image


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