Fools gold

via Daily Prompt: Flattery

Flattery doesn’t work for me, i prefere the truth, even if it is ugly.

It is said the best thing a girl could be in this world is a fool, an absolute fool. However being fooled by flattery is everyone’s flaw and a gain in itself, well i can only speak for myself when i say, i have had so much bad experiences, maybe i’m just built that way somehow; i can see straight through a person and i can tell when it’s honest non- intentional flattery.

Ten years ago i was praised everywhere i went, and i welcomed it, because i knew what was said to be the truth, now people are just trying to be nice or trying to get something in return, i’m a total walk over so everyone get’s what they want, and i, i get paid back with flattery i do not want, fools gold so to speak.

I am full of love, but nobody can ever find a way to love me enough. Of course that sounds pretty narscisistic, but i can asure i’m speaking my truth, maybe my love is too much. Whatever it is, i cannot change myself, i have to believe still. I suppose in that sense i am a fool, a fool for love, but i will never be a fool for gold. I know we all need flattery, but we need love so much more.


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