Promises makes debt

via Daily Prompt: Promises

This is a very touchy word for me.Since i was a child there has been promises made to me, now as a child and a very creative one, i had no trouble believing in these promises as i believed in fairy stories. I also had loads of patience and waited, but to no avail, those promises turned to dust and turned a little girl into a matured one.

It could be my fault, i did blame myself later on, i read too much into everything, sometimes people are just kidding, I also didn’t have a sense of humor, just a sick sense of humor. I geuss i do now seeing that today it’s the norm. Anyway, I believed anyone when they said anything, so i set myself up for dissapointment. I then became someone who had no heart, yes i had an old soul for a child, but that wasn’t the reason. When people broke their promises, i felt lied to, betrayed, i never trusted anyone ever again.

When i grew older and even today, people still promise and promise, and geuss what? I don’t believe a word, i can’t afford to. People only get one of those, they can promise and when they don’t keep it, it’s over, i will never trust them ever again. it’s a lousy thing, they don’t know what they’re causing. I have lost friends over this, good friends who told me things and promised things and delivered, but i didn’t believe them and then i damaged our friendships.

Promises only make debt. I cannot say it’s wrong to promise someone something, but i can say it’s better to not make them at all or too much. It’s a golden word and it can break or create, you have to choose what it does.


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