Living in Plagarism

I would hate to think that i am a copycat, i try to be original as best i can, and i don’t love following others. I do however respect and admire greats. And i would also like to be one day, the only problem is, i don’t like taking credit for anything or glory even for my own work.

But when i am great one day and if, i would consider it a huge compliment, if some one plagarized my work, i think for a writer thats amazing, as far as copcats go, they have to live with theirselves unless of course they do it for a good cause, even if the cause are themselves. Maybe i don’t make any sense, but thats the thing about being original, even if you sound like a crazy loon or even if i do, i have to be myself, i have to speak my mind.

So instead of striving for excellence, i am aiming to be myself everyday, it’s hard believe me, but it’s better than being called a copycat.


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