The hexad : Eerie

As jane drifted of to a light sleep, something lurked in the bushes and woke her. Her relaxed mood vanished instantly and she was sick of sally’s childish games.

She took the little piece of a necklace, the tiny replica of the colosseum out of her front pocket and wondered again who it belonged to. She didn’t know why but she decided, for safe keeping to hold on to it. She added it to her chain around her neck, which already held a tiny cross. She didn’t pay much attention to it, but had no choice when a peculiar feeling came over her. It was an eerie, but powerful feeling, it was a light type of electric shock that went through her whole body. She laughed at the thought and at her temporary craziness, she waved i off as a result of being alone at this house for too long.

Just then her selfone rang and interupted her thought, it was her boyfriend kyle, checking up on her as he often did. “Hey, baby”, she sounded relieve. “Hi, what are you up to, and when are you done, i miss you so much”,she laughed, this time very relieved to hear anyones voice at this point, and it only made it better that it was Kyle. ” i don’t know, i still don’t know where Jane is, i can’t find her”, she sounded worried. “What do you mean you can’t find her, she called you didn’t she?Do you want me to come help you, I could cancel my meeting”. “No,no, you go to your meeting, i’m sure i’ll manage, i’ll find her”. She didn’t want him to panic.”Are you sure?”, which he was already starting to do, “Yes, baby I’m sure, i’ll call you if i need help, which i won’t”. She said playfully,”Oh so does that mean you won’t call?”. “You know what i mean!”, she laughed. “Okay, baby, call me if you need anything, I love you”, he said in a sweet voice. “I will, love you”.

She hung up and wished that nothing must spoil her good mood right now. She din’t have the energy to look for Sally anymore but had to find her, she started to search in the back yard forest, looking at spots that could look like places Sally would love. She sighed and wondered how a grown woman could be so childish, she descovered a shed half hidden under a fallen oak tree. Her eerie feeling returned and unexpectedly she felt sceptic at going any closer to it.

She motivated herself with the thought of finding Sally, when she touched the door to push it open, the shock went through her body again, she ignored it best she could and opened the door. What she found couldn’t hide her shock, she was terrified…


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