The hexad: Bludgeon

When Jane opened the door, she shocked. She couldn’t decide whether she was afraid or disgusted, the stench inside was almost unbearable and with good reason, in the middle of the floor layed a skeleton! a full length skeleton!

She was frozen stiff, but when she saw the crosses she restrained herself and impulsively went to investigate. A crazy thought ran through her head; could this be Sally? “No! don’t be ridiculous”, she whispered to herself and moved on. She ran her fingers through her long bronx-brown hair and laughed, thinking how on earth Sally could be a skeleton already. Inside the shed was half burned black candles, a few white ones and crosses everywhere, from what she could see, it was very dark in there. She overcame her fear of the skeleton with denile, she just told hersef that it’s fake.

However, when she gave it one last confident look, “sorry buddy, theres nothing you can do now, you know with being bones and all, and i’m crazy, talking to a skeleton”, she laughed at herself. But the she noticed something, it was stuck under his arm. she crouched and tried to observe it without touching it, she was sure that it was a bludgeon, it looked ancient. So Jane decided that it was an old man who maybe used it to protect himself, then she saw it…

The symbol on the front of it, it was a replica of the colosseum, the same as the one on her necklace. Jane wanted to tell herself that it was a coincidence, but didn’t believe it was. Suddenly a car stopped, she don’t know how she heard it from all the way out here, when she shut the shed’s door and went to check out who it was someone called her name, but in a soft tone and she could swear it came from the shed. She waved it off and started to the door, it was Kyle, looking very worried that he didn’t see her, but smiled when he spotted her coming.

A weird feeling came over Jane, she couldn’t understand why, but she didn’t want Kyle there. All she wanted to do was explore in the shed, she wanted to examine that bludgeon more closely and also find out what the symbol means. She didn’t go up the steps to greet him she just stood tied as if she didn’t want to be near him. As he stood there with his dark grey suit, he looked so hot, but something just kept her from going near him…Placeholder Image


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