Daily Prompt: Liminal

If i wondered whether my life had purpose, i geuss i shouldn’t anymore, because i don’t know anymore.

I’m standing on that edge, life or extraordinary life, meaning life or suicide and it shouldn’t be so difficult, yet it is. i tell myself; if i could just find the meaning of life everything would work out, everything would be ok, but until then, if ever, i’ll have to remain on this edge. it’s as unfair as life is, and as life is, it’s given we didn’t ask for it, we just have to handle it.

So maybe my life has meaning and i have a purpose, but what will i do about this edge, i cannot avoid it. it’s following me around and i can’t stop it and i can’t slow it down. Yes, the edge is inside me, i created it now it’s torturing me from the inside, forcing me to keep standing on the edge.

Maybe life is harsh for a reason and we’ll find out why eventually, but for now i’ll just suffer on the edge.


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