Missed Fortune

As chrismas aproaches i am not as excited as i should be, this  has happend the last few years. it is a normal day, yes, but i geuss it’s not suppose to be when the day is filled with love and your own family. Not many people have that, but when you do, you should treasure it like a fortune, i think it’s the most valueable fortune anyone will ever have in this life.

I love doing my own thing, but this time of year, it’s almost impossible, you have to have family around, even though i do, i’m still doing my own thing and i still feel alone, why? because i’m not with my own family. this is not really about being around your own family, it could be friends, it’s about surrounding yourself with love and people who love you.

Another chrismas, alone i can say, i’m not unthankful, this year i just want to be surrounded by people who actually cares about me and wants me around. People who know me even when i think they don’t, who accepts me even though they don’t understand me, who loves me even though they don’t want to, real family, my family.

That is what in  want, but we rarely get what we want. But i don’t just want it, i need it. I never get what i want or need, and this chrismas wish, i suppose it will remain my missed fortune.


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