Me, Myself and I

via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _love__ in the World

The greatest love in this world would be self love. I am struggling with it myself and that’s just the point or my point; It is the greatest because it’s so hard. For some people it’s easy and i think i had it once and then i lost it, maybe it was just teenage over confidence.

Maybe i should take myself on a date, start a whole new relationship with myself, get to know myself a little better and ultimately get intuned with my inner self. Life’s pace is so fast, there is’nt barely enough time to read books these days, we should do that, i should, make time for myself. It sounds crazy, but there is a inner self in all of us, so we should talk to ourselves, cherish our bodies and look in the mirror more( i know i should).

It does’nt matter who we are or what we look like, where we are or what we do, what matters iss that we accept ourselves and you are the only thing that matters in your own eyes. The greatest love is self love; if we have that, no one can own us or hold us down, it’s invincibility all on it’s own, just me. myself and i.Featured Image -- 46


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