The hero and the villain

My mind is over worked and my heart, maybe my body is too. As i stated yesterday; you have to make time for yourselves, but what happens when you are not allowed to? It takes courage to be who you are, who you should be. When people know you need rest, but they are just too lazy to do simple things for themselves and ask you nicely to do it, how can you say no? They ask nicely, so if you say no, your the villain, and you feel that way.

But, who is the true villain? That is something we need to figure out ourselves. You are not the villain, you just feel that way, and you are not what or how you feel. Even when people are to lousy to do something for themselves, you have the right to refuse, there is nothing smaller and petty than someone getting mad at you, because you don’t want to do something for them, and i’m not talking about huge favours, i mean small things like getting a glass of water or washing someones clothes, mainly doing their chores, all because they don’t feel like it, but they want it done! So you end up the hero when you refuse, but you don’t feel like it, but it doesn’t mean you’re not. You stood up for yourself and you are doing that person a huge favour, i don’t know about other people but it’s very fullfiling to do someting and get it done, all by yourself. I know i prefer it.

So you’re the hero but it’s not appreciated and the villain drags your name through the mud and tries to let everyone see you as him. You can’t agree to everything all the time, there will be nothing left of you when everyone is done. It is good to be nice and helpful sometimes, but some people take advantage, you’ll know when they ask you to do the same thing again, in their mind it becomes your job, it means they don’t have to do it if you can. It’s hard to say no to people when they need help and on top of that ask nicely, believe me i know. But a hero can’t be nice all the time, why does the villain not get to be.

You’re not just a hero, you’re THE hero, because you are being a hero to yourself and saving yourself from the trap of mental and emotional slavery.



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