right now I am nervous that my blog will disappear. I see that everyone else’s posts and articles get like Two hundred three hundred likes. Therefore i’m extremely thankful for the one like I always get when I post, seriously, just one. So thank you Lost property Repository. I sometimes get more than one, I also have a few followers so I guess that’s cool.

I shouldn’t be moaning. I just sometimes feel as if I am going to be kicked out for not posting. I will submit a story soon, my time is just very limited, and so is my imagination, but I will try.

I’m still nervous about being kicked out, but if I do, i’ll just try again. Again thank you for liking and following me. this is my new home now.

via Daily Prompt: Nervous


8 thoughts on “eviction

  1. After seeing some of the stuff in the daily prompt there is no way you can get kicked out for only having one like, some stuff there is downright awful.

    To me likes and followers don’t mean much. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for what I have but I can see how some (maybe not all) get their likes. If you go down the daily prompt list and hit like on every post you will eventually get likes back. If you can afford the time to watch there are even times where you can easily see people aren’t reading the posts they are just liking for the sake of getting likes back. Follows are the same. follow 20 random users today and at least 10 of them will be following you tomorrow whether they have read stuff or not.

    To me having a few loyal followers means more than having a high number of followers. On average I get about 10 likes from 90ish followers, looking at some of these people with 500+ followers some are getting less than 50 likes. Looking at the percentages my stats come out on top. Sure I don’t get bragging rights based on visible figures but then blogging to me is not about who has the most likes and followers.

    Keep writing what you want and don’t worry about likes and follows a few good loyal people who read often is worth more than anything else.

    And if they ever do kick you out I’ll post your stuff in protest against it!


  2. Actually your post doesn’t appear to be in the prompt. That could be a big reason why you aren’t getting people liking and reading your stuff. I get your post in my reader because I follow you, if others can’t see you then they can’t like you. There was a lot complaints about people not being on the prompt page recently. It might be worth contacting WP and asking them if there is a reason for it. I’ll keep an eye out for your posts on the prompt page too.


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