Holding my breath

it has been six days since i had a smoke. i feel as if i am in asleep state, it doesn’t feel real. i am a strong willed person and very stubborn, seriuosly, i’m very stubborn. Still i’m waiting for that moment when i relapse, i mean i am bound to relapse right? it’s sigarettes! it’s weird not smoking, but to be honest it was also weird when i did smoke. it didn’t suit me, it dragged me down and it made me sick. i have not accepted it yet, but i think i might be free from smoking. of course i miss it, oh how i miss it right now! But i feel fine, i smoked more than i did anything else and now i just don’t, just like that.

i’m scared to accept it,to acknowledge the fact that i don’t smoke anymore, because i don’t wanna jinx it. i tell myself that i will smoke, just not right now and i end up not doing it at all. i’ll tell you more about my journey tommorrow.for now i have to hold my breath..and eventually breath out, yes, i have to do breathing exercises. it’s the only way.Placeholder Image


8 thoughts on “Holding my breath

  1. Don’t give in!!!

    Actually I’m not here to tell you want to do, there is thousands of other people to do that. I will say it’s worth doing though. I don’t feel any different since I gave up, I’m not really any healthier or fitter, and I am always tired.

    The cravings don’t ever go away completely but if you try they stop controlling you.

    You can do it!!


    1. thanks i needed that the last i need is another thing controling me. which is part of the reason i just stopped doing it. Many things seems to change when you just stop doing things, just refuse. thanks again for the encouragement.

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      1. no worries. It’s not easy giving up anything, some things are easier than others but the one thing they all have in common is that giving up is as much mental as it is physical. Overcome the mental and you’re well on the way.


      2. I’m sure there is plenty of benefits to giving up but to be honest the only one I have noticed is the money I’m not spending, it’s about 75 c a smoke in this country these days, was about 40c a smoke when I gave up.


      3. I couldn’t happily pay the government the amount they get from smokes these days. I think part of the reason I gave up was to spite them because they put the prices up so much.


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