Holding my breath: Just breath…

As the storm approaches and the rain falls my dreams are getting more vivid, more real. I have daily stress which drives me light a smoke, but I don’t want to, I have come too far. The whole of Cape Town South-Africa is heavily invaded by a storm, I just saw a headline calling it the ‘monster storm’, I shouldn’t laugh it could e serious.

Last night, around 19:40 or so, my boyfriends sister came over and told us to look at the sky. Oh my goodness! The stars were moving, fast! yes the clouds were moving, but not as fast as the stars. If it was stars. Stars do not disappear, it was so weird and creepy, we panicked. Me and her son’s conclusion is and was that it was aliens. What else could it be? It could also be the government, the air force, however, that was not clouds moving fast and stars standing still. Could it have been an invasion? Aliens are known for activity in the storm or bad weather.

I still believe that there is something weird going on. The storm started today, although Cape Town is hit pretty bad, town like our an hour away just has rain, 80%, but not that bad, my point is, why is all the schools and work places shut down? it was way worse before, but everything was normal, what are they not telling us? The reason why this is relevant is because, i’m still a bit freaked out, also because, I was convinced that it was the end, and with that stress I obviously thought I deserved a smoke, I almost did it, almost..

But I did not, except for in my dreams, which I fight, and I never finish the smoke, which is a good thing, I think. I’ll keep holding my breath, i’ll just breath and when my posts disappear completely….I have been probed, Taken…i’m not kidding, they are here..5579_bainskloof_pass_01


2 thoughts on “Holding my breath: Just breath…

  1. supposedly because of the storm, as I said it is hectic, but not that bad, it started getting worse 4 or 5 hours ago here in our town, the kids could have gone to school, it is safer yes, but after last night, I’m sceptic


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