I have run out of pictures, it’s not professional, but I love it. I love clouds, they sooth me… I wish I could be up there, with no worries, no pain, just be there. i’m not high, I seriously just need a break. Especially having nightmares every night and the fact that they’re getting worse and more realistic is exhausting, not to mention that it’s recurring dreams. And it does not play over, no. It continues. I was so scared.. I had no way out, there was no way out, just when you think you’re escaping, you open a door and it’s just an illusion.

But how do you escape from a whole town? What do you do when everybody is involved. I do realize it’s a dream and that my faith tells me to ignored my gift of divination and clairvoyance, but something is telling me that I cannot trust anyone. I already don’t trust the people around me and I hate living like this, but I cannot afford to. I don’t know what the game plan is for my life, but I know there is one. One thing we can be sure of is, when people hate you and they have you close, they will have a game plan.

I’m not just freaked out because of the dream, but also because everything I have dreamt in the last 5 months is coming true, even if it’s simple things like the power going out at night…and that happened last night, so it’s getting closer. I will try and figure out what happened in my life after I had these dreams or this specific one, but life is life. I can’t stop it and I can’t slow it down. All I can do is pray. then i’ll eventually reach that cloud.


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