i wish i could be there right now, today. As some of you know, today my gran is 14 years gone, it might be depressing or I might bore you, but freaks me out sometimes. I was with her when she died, the nurse forced me to hold her hand. I just turned 13 a month before, I was calm, but my mom and grandfather was not, therefor I was the last person she saw before she went.

I am a bit down , but I guess it’s because my life is so messed up, and I kinda need her right now. I was a bit shaky this whole month I still am cause it’s not over yet, Saturday my uncle( youngest) had been gone 6 years. i’m still sad, because all the people who believed in me seems to be leaving. i’m shaky, because as you can determine all of us die in june I don’t know what that means, but I try to not think of it much.

I hope it will get better and that I will be happy some day, and if i’m not, then I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s life…right?..


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