Just Stef, It’s my anniversary!

It’s been a year! it seriously felt like a few months, sometimes it feels like it’s been years.

I have had writers block, written or tried to write some short stories, stop smoking, then had a hangover, I wanted to delete my blog, so this journey has really been like marriage. I have met amazing people, and more amazing followers who I cherish, thank you guys, although I have been offline for a while( not my choice) I’ll always come back again.

The reason I was offline, was because of a shack that burnt down across the street, with it the telephone lines which connects the internet. Everyone got out safely except for an old man who could not move fast enough, he sadly died.

I am back and hope to be back for years to come.

ps. I have not touched a smoke ever since the last time I relapsed, I blame the tequila.Featured Image -- 46


8 thoughts on “Just Stef, It’s my anniversary!

      1. I don’t know that you ever get “there”. Even after 9 years I still feel like a smoke now and again. The difference is I can over ride the thought of a smoke with something else.


      2. yeah, but I think I will always be “almost there”. And to answer your question or to not answer it, I have no clue about fashion. Life is pretty straight forward these days, in my opinion i think it is what it says. ( it is what we are all thinking it is)

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      3. “almost there” is still good because it can last forever πŸ™‚

        My dirty old man’s mind tells me what BJ Fashion could be, but I’m too polite to suggest it….oh hang on I think I did suggest it.

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