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Daily Prompt: Enlighten

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This is me; enlightened

#children of the light


Daily Prompt: Brave

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the bravest person I know is turning 76 or 75 today, I stopped counting a few years ago. My grandfather! It’s his birthday and he practically raised me. Most childhood memories I have includes him. He taught me to be brave, to be responsible, he protected me and understood me when I was a child when no one did, he actually still does.

that is why I never hesitate to do anything for him, cause he never says no to me. Only of course when a thing is wrong will he always be honest and tell the truth. And that is brave, telling the truth, even when no one likes it or no one wants to hear it, he says it, especially when it’s right to do so.

so happy birthday to you! Detta! No one can be a better example. He still drives to pick my daughter up and does grocery shopping and pays the bills. He is amazing.


black forest

I exist here

I feel like I belong

is it wrong?

it draws me in

soothes my skin

content within

I am. All I need

is to feed

I need you

come to my rescue

my lonely soul is aching

as I wait taking

everything in me

creating this memory