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last post

hi guys! hope u missed me! hehe. I miss wordpress and all of u guys too. which brings me to my point

I will be taking a break from my blog until further notice to focus on a business venture. I am also writing a novel and these things will keep me super busy. I am not going on holiday, haha, I will be working my ass off. I will be thinking of all u guys and u are my biggest supporters, thank you! I am very grateful for all my followers and I will keep u posted on the novel, soonest.

love Stef.


Far away I see

my dreams become reality

finally i’m  me

Home: a published Haiku



As you all well know I recently got published in the Lotosblute. This is a tribute to  the Haiku I wrote that got published. The Amarula drink is famous in South Africa not only because of the Marula  fruit; eaten mostly by our elephants, but also for relaxing. it is tasty but strong, hard but smooth, just like our South Africans! hehe. Now the Haiku:

july rain feeds me

where the lion can see me

Amarula wet



I only took one shot clean without milk( as it’s how you drink it) then shared the rest. It was meant as a tribute to the Haiku.

Grateful without a list! Lotosblute!


I am so grateful to be published in this Haiku book! Giving my African echo to ancient Traditional Japanese poetry! I’m so grateful to Dr. Sylvia Bacher who kept corresponding with be regarding my Haiku, Although only one Haiku is published i’m extremely grateful!


To be published alongside Doctors of literature and philosophy is an honor.



I remain humble and grateful. Thanks to all my followers who believed in me and liked all my Haiku’s, it kept me going, it made me believe that I could do it!

my soul’s breath


I want to be here where my soul can breath

I want to be near the place beneath

the sun.

I wish i could run

far away

to a place i could stay

where my love is.


I wish that love could call

far from it all

and i would run

under the sun

far far away

from this pain i now stay

far away from this day.


i want to breath once more

i want my love before

it goes away

and leaves me where i stay

if you are there beneath

can you come for me?

so my soul can finally breath?