just stef

The Castle


Take me there my love

so i can forget

that we ever met

so i can rise above

so it can be enough

you flicker beside me

thicker the smoke around me

will you carry me

when my vessel fails to be?

as a child i once were

wrapped in fur

chosen for war

long before i was bore

with my love so strong

is there a place i belong?

so take me there my love

to forget that i came from above…


Monday Mornings…😌


It’s Monday! That means it’s time for a list. I am so Grateful for the rain we recieved this weekend, very healthy rain. This is a image of our mountains Bain’s Kloof Pass, in the far left is Groenberg, in the middle is a cluster of homes, private property of award winning wine farmers. Anyway…we had a very bad fire in December following a drought, so as you can see we do need this rain. I am very grateful to live near such amazing views.

So today  am very Grateful for:

  1. The healthy rain we recieved
  2. Clean clothes
  3. God; for making it rain and for not giving up on me
  4. Chocolate
  5. The way music makes me feel
  6. To live in a Town with such Amazing mountains
  7. Andrew Geddes Bain; for building the Pass, so we could have access to the mountains. (and the convicts he used who helped him, may tey rest in peace)
  8. For Friends on WordPress.
  9. Movies
  10. That my daughter is safe
  11. The wind blowing into my window right now
  12. Waking up this morning
  13. Warm water
  14. To still have Grandparents
  15. That i’m the favourite



Where are you my love

hidden behind the smoked screen

your eyes unseen

your absence keen

Can i kiss the silence from your lips?

where your secrets lie..

my gravity is ripped

as you never tell me goodbye

it’s time to up and die

can i rest once more

on the mind i adore

it burns through me

my humanity

as i detest it so

cause with you i cannot go…




Mid week culture

This is the last Letter the paper accepted from me. They could be ignoring me. This was inserted on 7 April 2018, Afrikaans has been used as a devide and i was just making something clear. Hope you guys enjoy.



        Is the Afrikaans language only for specific people?

“All we know is Afrikaans. We read, speak, see Afrikaans. It is not Coloured or White, it is colourful. A mixture of languages, such as, Potruguese, Malay, Khoi-San Languages and Dutch. A daughter of mostly Dutch, but a daughter we adopted and helped to grow. Do these Afrikaans language activists really want to conserve this language? Yes, Afrikaans is bleeding, however it is bleeding into other nations and races, even other countries. More and more Black people are speaking Afrikaans today. Yes, they do not speak it at home, but they are able to speak it nevertheless. Is this being taken seriously? Because if Afrikaans is spreading like this, in what way is it in danger of exctinction? Or is Afrikaans for certain people only?                                                                                                  Dalene Matthee writes in Circles in a forest : “Why would there be High Dutch for the Bible, English for the elite and Kitchen Dutch for the rest?”. These were the words of Saul Barnard and this was in the 1800’s. Since then we have become better, but why does it seem as if we are moving back to the old regime? Instead of English it is now Afrikaans.  We all try so hard to just be human. The fact that we are Afrikaans rescues us everytime, because it’s the one thing we can be sure of. So why should there be other types? Standard Afrikaans, Gold standard Afrikaans, Afrikaans and then sometimes ‘Englikaans’. Yes, it’s different, but it still remains Afrikaans, just as we remain human”



The Thinning


Thinner and thinner my heart

as the threat to part

fills the air

i lose my Hairr…

higher and higher my hope

as i try to cope

climbing this slope

afraid to drop…

is it me you see?

when you want to flee

when you leave me

is it me…?

should my love regret

cause for you it frets

for you it etched

millions and millions fetched

stay away

if my heart is your bay

can i be your home

as i stand here alone?

thinner and thinner the chance

for us to last

take me, please

so this pain could ease….







via Daily Prompt: Thin

Mid week culture

As i explained yesterday, i wrote letters to the paper regarding the language of Afrikaans. What follows is another letter, printed in the papers, with a translation of course. Hope you guys enjoy!


Human language lets your heart speak

“We understand each other incorrectly too much in this country and it is because we don’t speak the same language anymore: Human language. We could, in the time of Late President Nelson Mandela, understand each other and communicate, without even having to speak, our hearts spoke. We should once again learn the language that allowed our hearts to communicate – Human language- The language that makes our country prosper”.